World Turned Upside Down

World Turned Upside Down

Coming to Dreamspinner Press in 2019

Antarctica is home for Simon Bancroft. He’s an experienced winterover, spending half his year in the coldest, darkest, and most inhospitable place on Earth. But this winter at McMurdo Station is different from his previous seasons on ‘the Ice’… because this season brings him researcher Asher Delaney.

Asher is so far out of Simon’s league. He’s brilliant and handsome, a scientist studying the aurora australis who looks like a Swedish viking god. Simon fantasizes about  him from afar, but he’s certain that the fantasy is all he’ll ever have.

Then a chance encounter brings him face to face with Asher, and Simon discovers that everything he thought he knew has been turned upside down.

World Turned Upside Down is part of the Dreamspinner Press ‘World of Love’ collection. It will be out late summer or early fall 2019.

I spent three years living and working in Antarctica, and World Turned Upside Down is, in some ways, my love letter to that place. Over the next few months I’ll be sharing pictures and stories from my time on ‘the Ice’, so check back!