Elyse [ih-lees], noun

1. author (see also: someone who spends more time staring at a blank page than actually writing.)
2. firm believer in happily ever afters
3. 5/7 world traveler (every continent but South America and Africa!)
4. hufflepuff
5. asexual, she/her pronouns


I’ve spent years listening to my mother tell me to “get off the damn computer and do something useful.” But after years of ignoring my mother, I finally have something to show for it other than some pretty awesome fan fiction: I’ve signed a contract to publish a four-book series with Riptide Publishing in 2017!

The first book– tentatively titled Whiteout– will be out in early 2017. It’s an M/M contemporary romance with a few twists that will keep you guessing!

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