Hello! Hi!

You’ve reached the website for Elyse Springer, the author. If you’re looking for some other Elyse Springer, or if you aren’t interested in queer romance, then you’re in the wrong place.

(That said, if you’re looking for the Elyse Springer who talks about hockey a lot, or who eats a ton of Chipotle, then you are definitely in the right place.)

Important things about me:

  • I write things! Books! You can read them! (Check out the aptly-named Books tab above.)
  • I’m asexual! And I use she/her pronouns.
  • The best house is Hufflepuff. I’d fight you on it, but I’m too busy raiding the kitchens and taking a nap.
  • Chipotle is my favorite fast food. I’m not remotely ashamed about this.
  • The Dallas Stars > the Pittsburgh Penguins > the Toronto Maple Leafs > The Buffalo Sabres > literally everybody else. I will fight you on this.

That’s literally everything you could possibly need to know about me. But if you’re still curious (or bored) you can check out my blog, subscribe to my newsletter, or follow me on twitter.