Stop Blaming U.S. Publishers for a lack of International Giveaways!

Yesterday, a spark caught and began to slowly consume the online book community. It was fanned by dozens of international readers who are upset by the lack of opportunities they have to enter and win giveaways with U.S. publishers.

I’m going to start by saying this: It is absolutely not fair that our international reader friends are not afforded the same opportunities that we are here in the U.S. Guys, trust me. I lived for a decade overseas, and just trying to get my mom to mail me a birthday present was hard enough, let alone entering a single U.S. contest.

But I want to explain why, exactly, placing the blame for this on U.S. publishers is wrong. I want to explain the differences between some of the contests you may see out there, and why some contests are open to international readers and some aren’t. And, finally, I want to offer some possible workarounds that you– yes YOU, not the publisher!– can attempt to find, so our friends overseas have more chances to win.

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