Asexuality Awareness Week 2016


While slightly belated, I wanted to post briefly about Asexuality Awareness Week, which is a week each year dedicated to asexual education and knowledge.

I am panromantic asexual, which is to say I experience romantic attraction to people regardless of gender identity, but do not experience sexual attraction to anyone. And while I’ve blogged extensively about this elsewhere, I haven’t talked about it on my author blog at all.

This year for AAW I was interviewed by the lovely ladies at From Top To Bottom reviews about discovering my own asexuality, and advice I’d give to others who aren’t sure if they’re ace or not.

If people would just learn one thing about asexuality today, what would you like that thing to be?

That there is no “one way” to be asexual. Asexuality is a spectrum, and every person defines asexuality in their own way.

Check out the interview, and all of the other AAW posts that Annie and Laura have put together!

And in honor of AAW, I wanted to share a little snippit from Thaw, my asexual F/F romance coming in April 2017:

Laura gave Abby a long look. “Sara said you’re going on a date with Gabrielle Levesque,” she said.

“It’s not a date,” Abby mumbled.

Laura didn’t look like she cared much about the semantics. “I have such a crush on her,” she said. “Woman is hot. Lucky you!”

“She’s just saying thank you. I helped her out with something, that’s all.” Abby looked down at her hands in her lap. “Besides, I don’t think we’d work out as a couple.”

“Who said anything about being a couple?” Laura started grabbing things off the table. It seemed random to Abby, but Laura clearly knew what she was doing. “You let her treat you to dinner, maybe take you home for an amazing one-night stand, and after you can say that you hooked up with Gabrielle Levesque and move on with your life.” She paused. “I didn’t even know she was a lesbian.”

Abby twisted her fingers together. “I don’t want to have sex with her,” she said quietly, but Laura didn’t seem to hear.


Thaw is out April 24, 2017 from Riptide Publishing. You can pre-order it now from the publisher, and you’ll get it released two days earlier!


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