Labor Day Weekend!

You’d think that the looming threat of a hurricane would make Labor Day weekend less amazing, but you’d be wrong. Because so far this has been the most glorious weekend of the summer! The looming storm (Hermine, which I keep wanting to call Hermione) has brought us a strong breeze, cooling the city down drastically, and we’ve had perfect blue skies and warm sun.

My friend Anna Zabo is in town for the long weekend, and we’ve had a blast exploring the city (part tourist, part research), eating ALL OF THE FOODS, and being pretty nerdy.


We started today by walking across the Brooklyn Bridge into Manhattan. It was crowded, but everyone was in a great mood and the walk was really nice.



Leave it to New Yorkers to copy Paris’ famous Pont des Arts, but with a twist: it’s not just locks you’ll find here, but head phones, luggage tags, notes, and more!


From the bridge, we decided to walk down to Battery Park, with a quick stop at Trinity Church to pay our respects. Maybe we didn’t get tickets to see Hamilton this weekend, but we still got to see Hamilton! (And Eliza, of course!)



Hurricane? What hurricane?! The sky was perfectly clear all day, and we enjoyed a lovely Thai lunch at Tue Thai in Greenwich Village.


I haven’t visited the High Line in years, but we decided to walk it in its entirety today, from 14th St. all the way up to about 34th. It’s an abandoned elevated train platform that they’ve converted into a public garden/park!


We walked a lot today: more than fifteen miles! My feet are aching just thinking about it. From the High Line we walked up the west side of Manhattan till 59th St, passing the U.S.S. Intrepid and the cruise ship terminals, and then cut across town to Central Park for some water and relaxation in the shade.

Then a train ride back to Brooklyn for dinner (the most amazing mac and cheese with bacon from The Great Georgiana), a brief stop for PIE! (chocolate stout, mmmh, from Daly Pies), and now we’re home with our feet up.

Oh, and this fun little building, which we passed while walking back to my apartment:


I hope everyone else had a fantastic weekend, and that everyone who was actually affected by the hurricane is safe and dry! ♥


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