Announcements galore! (aka, Shiny Things!)

If only your Monday was as awesome as my Monday.

(Okay, I really do wish your Monday was as awesome as mine. Sorry if it wasn’t. Come hang out and I’ll feed you grilled cheese and cookies.)

In case you somehow missed my, um, exuberant announcement on twitter (read: actual running around in circles while shouting with joy), the Seasons of Love series is now available to pre-order! That’s right, you can go spend your hard-earned money on things that I wrote.

(I’m not sure why you’d want to do that, but I don’t get why people jump out of airplanes, either. Whatever makes you happy, right?)

For now, they’re featured on the front page of the Riptide Publishing website, but you can also find links to them below:


The Seasons of Love universe page, featuring:

If you’re an eBook person, you can pre-order all four books for $14.99 as a set. Plus, you get them 48 hours before they release to the rest of the world. Soooooo, yeah. That’s a thing you should do. Just sayin’.

But El, what about those abso-freakin’-lutely gorgeous covers you’ve been bragging about and making heart-eyes over on social media? When do we get to see those?

Well, I’m pleased to announce that the ACTUAL WORKS OF ART that are the Seasons of Love book covers will be released on the RT Blog on Monday, October 3. I can guarantee you they’ll improve your Monday by at least 800%, because they are just that stunning.

(I wish I was exaggerating. The first time I saw them, I gasped so loudly in the middle of the library that people gave me dirty looks.)

So, to summarize:

I have books. You can buy them, but you can’t read them until January, April, July, and October, respectively. Yeah, I’m the world’s biggest tease like that, sorry. I also have book covers, which you’ll get much sooner.

And if you show some love for those book covers next Monday, I’ll post an awesome sneak-peek of Whiteout here on this blog next week.

Oh, and one more thing…

In case you didn’t know… Whiteout releases on January 23.


Which just happens to be my birthday. (Yeah, my very first published novel is releasing on my birthday!) Just something to think about.


Labor Day Weekend!

You’d think that the looming threat of a hurricane would make Labor Day weekend less amazing, but you’d be wrong. Because so far this has been the most glorious weekend of the summer! The looming storm (Hermine, which I keep wanting to call Hermione) has brought us a strong breeze, cooling the city down drastically, and we’ve had perfect blue skies and warm sun.

My friend Anna Zabo is in town for the long weekend, and we’ve had a blast exploring the city (part tourist, part research), eating ALL OF THE FOODS, and being pretty nerdy.

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