FlameCon 2016

I spent yesterday at FlameCon, the Brooklyn-based queer Comic Con that just happened to be a 20-minute walk from my apartment. Unfortunately I couldn’t go on Saturday as well (because Olympic diving, duh), but Sunday’s program was really exciting.


Walking into FlameCon is a breath of fresh air, because you know going in that everyone will be a) queer (or queer-friendly) and b) geeky. Which, as a queer geek, basically means finding a couple thousand new best friends.

In fact, I made a friend about two minutes after arriving. We have the same name (she’s an “i” instead of a “y”), and we both grew up in Texas, then lived in Chicago for a few years. CLONES, right?!

Anyways, I wanted to show off some of the amazing things that I discovered (some of which I came home with, because even being broke and unemployed doesn’t stop me from spending money on amazing art):

Hawthorn & Snapdragon by Rel: a minicomic about magical forests, boy witches, and fae! Rel and I bonded briefly over our mutual love of The Raven Cycle by Maggie Stiefvater, and she recommended her minicomic because it has some similar themes! Rel’s Website/Tumblr


The art of Erica Chan: my friend bought this lovely picture of Steve and Bucky (from the Marvel movies) riding a train to Brooklyn.

The art of Levi Hastings: okay, I couldn’t resist. Look… DIVERS! I was really impressed with Levi’s gorgeous art, and he has an entire series of Olympic watercolors as postcards that I adore.


Trungles: I’m a geek, and I started my journey into Geekdom at a very young age with Sailor Moon.  Trungles is an incredibly talented artist… who also has tarot cards with amazing Sailor Moon illustrations! The set isn’t done yet, but I was so impressed by what I saw at their table.

flamecon-tab-kimpton-shadesShades of A, by T. A. Kimpton. It’s a book about an asexual Muslim man who meets a guy at a kink night. And if that doesn’t immediately have you making grabby hands… well, the art is gorgeous, and it describes itself as “a story about finding yourself in a world that thinks you’re a weirdo”.

(This is Tab holding the lovely book up!)


We also went to a really interesting panel talking about Queer YA Fantasy, and hosted by the YAinterrobang blog, so here’s a list of awesome queer YA books you can check out. The ones I doodled hearts next to are personal faves, and the ones with dots on them were panelists.


And last but certainly not least, I discovered artist and comic author Tessa Stone. I didn’t actually buy her gorgeous comic, Buzz, but you can bet I plan to very soon! For one thing, the comic itself is really gorgeous, done in blacks/grays and yellows…


So that was my FlameCon 2016, and it was awesome. The end!


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